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DAM series engines two production line construction project is progressing smoothly
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DAM series engine with its high-performance, low cost, light weight, compact, once launched, is the major supporting depot, have increased the number of the planning of the DAM series engine. Launched in 2010 to meet the needs of the DAM series engine products in the market to enhance the DAM series engine machine capacity planning projects of the two production lines of the DAM series issued power machine, the transformation of the project by the crankshaft line, new cylinder block machining line cylinder head machining line test line, assembly line, such as a few major components. Have approved production capacity is expected in September 2012, the DAM series engine production can be raised to 200,000 units from 50,000 units in this stage annual.

    DAM projects are completed a milestone is a leap forward in innovation. Meanwhile, the rich pedigree of the company's products, is the weapon of the company to participate in market competition, will also create greater profit margins. To ensure the early completion of the DAM series engines two, early results, the company leadership attaches great importance to the great concern, led the technology department is responsible for the relevant departments of the Ministry of business planning, procurement, manufacturing engineering department synergy to develop operational strong, efficient, orderly, and a detailed network node plan. Full technical feasibility studies, detailed program validation, careful implementation of the project, currently DAM projects in strict accordance with the network plan node in an orderly manner. Technology executives and shop floor engineers work together scientific arrangements, careful implementation, as early and leaving late, or even give up a Saturday and Sunday rest, to gain time for the early completion of the project. At present, the cylinder block, cylinder head production line host device has been pre-acceptance stage recently will be to plant installation, commissioning. Replace the pilot production line and auxiliary equipment are being prepared, the pre-inspection work has already begun, and the corresponding project civil work construction node requirements.

    Faced with the task of the pressing market demand and heavy production, the DAM series engine production expansion imminent, the project team members will be fully scraping, and strive to early completion of the DAM series engines two production line construction project to enhance the company's DAM series engine capacity.